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On this page you will find all the info you need as a visitor to Meet Magento!

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Conference Day 1: May 12th

On May 12th, we have sessions (in Dutch and English) focussed on Magento itself: people who are looking into Magento as their E-commerce platform and/or are interested in Magento Enterprise and a solution partner to help them with that.

In the evening of Day 1 we will have our Magento Party in Utrecht. Stay posted for more updates!

Conference Day 2: May 13th

On May 13th, we have sessions (in Dutch and English) focussed on everything surrounding Magento with many industry partners, marketing stories and extensions. After the final session there is still some time left for networking, drinks and snacks.

Important for you as a non-Dutch speaking person to know: not all sessions are in English but many are, so you can save money on that crash-course Dutch! On our schedule page you’ll notice tiny English flags indicating that the session will be in English.

Event venue & Travel info

Media PlazaWe are located in ‘Media Plaza’ which is part of the ‘Jaarbeurs’ conference center right in the middle of Utrecht. If you are using public transportation: the venue is located directly west from the train station ‘Utrecht Centraal’, the map below shows you it’s exact location.

If you are flying to Schiphol Airport, your travel from Schiphol train station to Utrecht Central train station takes around 30 minutes. You can use the website or phone app 9292 to plan your journey.


Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Entrance East
Croeselaan 6
3521 CA Utrecht
Plan your trip with Google Maps


Utrecht has a lot of hotels but is also a very busy spot around this time so don’t wait too long with your hotel reservations!
Some options:
  • (hotels surrounding our event location)
  • AirBnB (venues surrounding our event location)


You cannot buy tickets yet, we will inform you when the ticketsale starts.


About the event…

This event is organized by Dutchento, the Dutch Magento community founded by Guido Jansen, Dutch community manager. More info can be found on our contact page.

About our country…

If you want to visit: we are Dutch, live in The Netherlands, but the event is not in Holland. Yes labeling our country, provinces, language and inhabitants is a mess. Thankfully, there’s YouTube.

Didn’t find the info you were looking for on this page? Send your question to or call +31 6 420 939 76 and we’ll get you the information!