About Meet Magento The Netherlands

How it all started

On January 27th 2009 we organised the first worldwide Meet Magento event in Utrecht, The Netherlands. This was the kick-off to a worldwide community movement that currently organised over 80 events with over 900 sessions. In 2018 we organised the 10th edition of the Dutch Meet Magento event.

At Meet Magento we bring together the best speakers together with the latest content to help you exceed in your commerce business. Are you a webshop owner, e-commerce manager, marketeer, entrepreneur, or developer? Than Meet Magento is thé must attend event for you!

Meet the Community

Everyone can be part of the community... which is kind of great don't you think? Show your passion for online shopping or share the daily frustrations.... whatever you're reason is: you can be part of this great global network!

Marketeer, developer, entrepreneur, freelancer, starter, senior, whovian, trekkie or brony; we don't judge! If you are open to learning and sharing knowledge and experience you are very welcome!

If you want to join pre-Meet Magento you can join the Dutchento Slack channel!

Main Organisation

Sander Mangel

Developer Evangelist, Magento Master & Fan of Dinosaurs

Sander is a certified Magento developer and e-commerce/Magento consultant. He has over 10 years of experience in programming in general and 7 years with Magento specifically.

Big fan of coffee, sci-fi and dinosaurs. At Dutchento he mainly works on the content (online and at events) for the developers in our community and co-host of our podcast show.

Guido Jansen

Dutchento Founder, Magento Master, Board of Directors of the Magento Association

In 2008 Guido founded Dutchento and with that kickstarted the Magento movement in The Netherlands, playing a key role in why our little country is 3th on the worldwide list of highest number of Magento implementations (after USA and UK).

He has a background in psychology/usability and works as teamlead/consultant for conversion optimization teams in the e-commerce industry.

You can find Guido as a speaker at numerous local and global e-commerce and Magento events.

Sander de Graaf

E-commerce subject matter expert

Sander is co-founder and owner of 3Webapps. He has a background in business administration and law and has work experience in telecom, voice technologies and IT consulting. Since about 5 years he is specialized in e-commerce. Always in for an in-depth talk about the latest e-commerce innovations.

At Dutchento he mainly works on the content (online and at events) for the businesses (agencies and merchants) in our community and co-host of our podcast show.


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