About Meet Magento

On January 27th 2009 we organized the first worldwide Meet Magento event in Utrecht, The Netherlands. This was the kick-off of a worldwide movement that has currently organized over 50 Meet Magento events featuring over 800 sessions.

At Meet Magento we bring together all the best speakers with all new content to give you the latest and greatest on Magento and E-commerce. On Friday the 1st of June, Meet Magento Netherlands will take place in Utrecht for the 10th consecutive year!

Are you an e-commerce manager, webshop manager, marketer, entrepreneur or webshop owner? Or 'just' a Magento Enthousiast? Meet Magento is the event for you! 

Meet the Community

Everybody can be part of the community! And that's brilliant...don't you think? Just show your love for the online world, e-commerce and Magento...and there is no reason why you shouldn't be part of the awesome worldwide network.

Marketer, e-commerce specialist, webshop owner, developer, beginnner, senior.....we don't judge. If you want to share your knowledge and want to learn...feel invited!

Want to join us pre-Meet Magento? Join the Dutchento Slack channel!