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Best Magento B2C project 

ObliqueOpens external link in new window

by: Experius

Visiting the brick-and-mortar store of Oblique is an experience of exclusivity and quality of premium, high-end brands. The bespoke template and feature translate this offline experience to the online webshop letting customers fall in love with the products online, just as the would offline.

Rijksmuseum - Opens external link in new window

by: Fabrique & Burst

Next to the, especially for a Magento shop, unique design, this shop also uses all features Magento offers to the fullest. 
With full page cache the webshop has an A-rating on PageSpeed and the catalog is fed directly by the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP. This means stock, pricing and orders are synced real time. Next to that the shop is ready for the next phase where the products will be purchasable offline daring the museum visit.

My Jewellery - Opens external link in new window

Watch the promo on Opens external link in new windowYouTube

by: We Provide

The optimal social integration with Magento. Instagram pictures are integrated via Photoslurp.
This connection between the Magento webshop and Photoslurp is custom made for My Jewelry.
With Photoslurp it's also possible to link product data to pictures making it possible to by a dress directly from a picture.

Best Magento Service or Extension

MATE - - Opens external link in new window

by: Maxserve

One general platform for e-commerce and built on Magento 2 and TYPO3 CMS8.
MATE is a solution that uses TYPO3 as headless content provider for Magento 2.
This creates a platform which offers a rich Commerce & Content experience with the best of both Enterprise level platforms.
In the case of Montèl this allows them to offer their customers the Experience they want online.

Yild - Opens external link in new window

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by: Tickles

Yild is the first POS checkout system fully integrated with Magento CMS. It's not an external system, it actually acts as an extra store in the current shop.
Offering both an on- and offline shopping experience for customers making it truly omnichannel.

Vogel's Opens external link in new window

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by: We Provide

Importing new monitors and screens daily from various sources and making them available in the webshsop.
These items are, through a bespoke algorithm developed by We Provide matched to the products of Vogel's.
The interactive wizard is built completely custom and can be implemented by other 3rd parties as well styling it as they please.

Best Magento B2B project 

Retail Development Company (RDC) - Opens external link in new window

by: Zeo

The case for RDC is a challenging one. Offer webshops to 60 entrepeneurs which they can personalize themselves and which is connected to both RDC and the Centraal Boekenhuis.
The new webshop offers just this. One installation offering 60 custom shops plus one central webshsop. The result was that succesful other companies have joined the initiative and sales have been up, up to 37%, compared to the same period in 2016.

Facility Trade Group - Opens external link in new window

by: Experius

Using Magento 2 Commerce with B2B as foundation and Exact Globe as a solid backbone, the user is enabled to retrieve any available product information, view order and invoice history and place orders using agreements recorded in the ERP.
Thanks to strong teamwork Experius can be proud of this first Magento commerce webshop implementing the full B2B module in the Netherlands.

Nautasign - Opens external link in new window

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by: eDifference digital agency

A B2B webshop offering extended order history and unique price agreements. Through an integration with the ERP system CubeWare products, product options, tier prices, customer specific prices, categories, customers and orders are synced constantly.
To offer performance with this dynamic data a custom caching layer in ElasticSearch is added. This ensures data is presented to the visitor without delay.

Next to that ElasticSearch has been used to offer up to 150 unique options for some products without slowing down the system.

Regts B.V. - Opens external link in new window

by: Guapa E-commerce

Regts decided to implement a new mission and vision and launch a new webshop to match this. The new webshop uses the Magento B2B functionalities. Prices, products, customers and invoices are synced via an integration with AGP. The administrator can add fields to the checkout dynamically and via a store pickup module the customer can get their products at the moment they want them.

CakeSupplies - Opens external link in new window

by: Experius

The webshop is a state-of-the-art Business to Business customer service- and ordering portal which serves new and existing customers. With 40 webshops in 20 countries and 6 languages Magento 2 offers a scalable international platform.

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