Discover Magento

Discover Magento offers all the needs for webstore managers and owners that are new in the Magento
and are thinking about taking the next step in e-commerce. Do you want to use Magento for your
(new)webshop? Come to the Discover Magento track during Meet Magento and we make sure you talk to the
right Solution Partners, receive the information you need and get your questions answered. This day is all
about you and your business case. We want to help you to fill in the blank spots to make a well thought
decision for your future business.

There are no strings attached. The only thing we ask you is to be serious about your online business and the
next step. And of course...Magento (Enterprise) is a serious possibility for your e-commerce future. This will
improve the contents of the conversations and in the end the quality of your spend hours during the event.

To make sure you will get the high quality support you need (and deserve!) during this day, so you can build
your business case. We need some information about your business now and where your business takes you.
This way we can match your case with the right parties.


It’s sounds a bit like dating. And it is. Depending on your business case we will match you with 6 Solution
partners. During the 3 rounds you have the chance to ask away.

Concept program DISCOVER MAGENTO 

09:00-09:30             Registratie
09:00-09:45             Koffie
09:45-10:00             Opening door dagvoorzitter
10:00-10:45             Presentation Magento inc.
10:45-11:30             Speeddate round 1
11:30-11:45             Koffie
11:45-12:15             Case presentation
12:15-13:00             Speeddate round 2
13:00-14:00             Lunch
14:00-14:30             Case presentation
14:30-15:15             Speeddate round 3
15:15-16:00             Keynote speaker
16:00-17:00             Free entrance to other tracks
(business & tech) of Meet Magento

The Afterparty of Meet Magento is not included in this ticket.
If you want to join the after party ask for available tickets at the service counter.