Dependency Injection Extended

The way to advanced Magento 2 development

Andreas von Studnitz
Magento Developer and Co-Founder
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Magento 2 is built around the Dependency Injection principle. It is a lot more than retrieving classes through the constructor which already leads to better code quality. Do you know all the ways how you can modify the class hierachy in Magento 2? How do they work, in which cases are they beneficial?
Fully understanding how Dependency Injection and the Object Manager work is key to advanced Magento 2 backend development. The talk will start with a broad overview of Dependency Injection in general and in Magento 2. Afterwards, Andreas will explain the details and show easy-to-understand examples, based on real-life projects and on his experience as a Magento 2 trainer.

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June 1, 2018
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