How to migrate your website to Magento 2

Ray Bogman
Magento Senior Business Solutions Architect
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About This Session

Magento 2 is around the corner now for more than 2.5 years. And since the end-of-life support for Magento 1 is coming to an end it may be time to start thinking what the impact is on how to move to Magento 2.

Question you need to ask are?

  • Is Magento 2 the correct platform for me?
  • What current requirements do I need on Magento 2?
  • How do I move to Magento 2?
  • Who is the correct partner, and are there enough resource available?
  • What are the pitfalls and takeaways?
  • How does this effect my business?
  • Do I need to move now or can I stay on Magento 1 forever?

This is just a small list on thinks that matter while moving to Magento 2.

Let me share some insides on how to move to Magento 2 and how this can benefit your business.

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June 1, 2018
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