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Jordan Eisenburger
Frontend webdeveloper
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About This Session

PWA. The next step for every Magento frontend developer. No longer being restricted by the default Magento frontend stack. But where to start and which pitfalls should you avoid? After the talk from Jordan you are ready to get started with building your own PWA with PWA studio. If you already know how to build a PWA it’s probably informative to hear from his journey, best practices and pitfalls.

Key topics:

  • Why we chosen to go with PWA Studio instead of Vue Storefront or Deity/Falcon
  • Our best practices and pitfalls for creating a PWA with PWA Studio
  • How can developers get started with PWA Studio even with zero ReactJS experience

Key Message: Don't feel discouraged by al the new techniques. Just get started!

Session language:
April 18, 2019
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