Stop Flushing the Cache!

The Ultimate Guide to Caching & Indexing in Magento 2

John Hughes
Head of Magento development
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About This Session

We’ve all been there, and some of us still are: code, flush cache, check changes, repeat… or if that didn’t work why not reindex too for good measure! The same can unfortunately be true in production environments - indexes not configured correctly and cache flushed aimlessly in the admin panel without realising the impact it has on store performance.

Caching and indexing are so integral to successfully developing with and maintaining a Magento 2 store, yet so many developers and merchants have limited experience of their purpose, what items are cached / indexed and why.

This talk will highlight the issues with needlessly flushing the cache or reindexing when developing as well as best practice and the impact of properly managing caches and indexes in production environments to performance.

I will provide a in depth, overview of how Magento 2 cache works and how to utilise it as a developer to stop wasting time and focus on writing code e.g. which cache(s) to clean (if any) based on the development changes you’re making.

I will also cover an overview of indexing in Magento, including why ‘update on save’ is bad and how it impacts cache as well as a live demo including a deep dive into the database of how ‘update on save’ works via MySQL triggers and how it impacts your Magento store.

Knowing which caches and indexes there are and how they impact Magento also provides developers with a clearer understanding and enables quicker debugging of issues as well as being able to better educate / train their merchants on cache / index management too.


  • Outlining the problem with aimlessly flushing the cache has on development productivity and production store performance with page load metrics to backup the points raised
  • Explanation of each cache type, it’s purpose and when (and how) to clean / disable it
  • Utilising automated tools to better manage cache whilst developing
  • Explanation of each index type, it’s purpose and when (and how) to refresh it
  • Overview of how partial reindexing works (deep dive into the database to show the journey of a product progressing through the process) and the impact manual reindexing can cause on performance / cache
  • Tips on best practice and how to ensure productivity / performance is maximised
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April 18, 2019
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