User voice interface for e-commerce

Margarita Nikolenko
Front-end developer
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Systems of voice detection are extremely popular nowadays. They are in the phase of intensive development, providing wide range of possibilities, such as creating voice interfaces, voice verification, device controlling, searching the Internet ans etc. Well, if this sphere is so widespread why we don't use it to make some people's lives easer? I came up with idea to develop a voice interface, which would help people with disabilities in interaction between a user and a Web-site, especially online-stores. This solution would be relevant due to the following reasons:
1) shortage of existing solutions
2) limited opportunities that they provide
As a result, now a person can't feel comfortable in using online-resources. But we are supposed to fix it.
My solution is a module made with JavaScript using WebSpeech API and library Pocketsphinx.js, which interacts with a web-page.
The practical value of our project lies in lack of finished solutions, that can allow people to use online-shops with their voice. Our solution would broaden the existing web-oriented interface and facilitate interaction between a user and online-market.

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June 1, 2018
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