Wake up! Blockchain will also impact your retail business

Roy Scheerder
About This Session

Blockchain is evolving rapidly in to a whole market space. Not just the crypto market related to Bitcoin and altcoins, but even more on the development of actual use cases in many industries.

The presentation will elaborate on the state of blockchain as enabler of new and enhanced business models. It will focus on the differences between public and permissioned blockchain; the key trends in this new market space, the use cases that companies are working on, the emerging patterns in the distributed economy.

Use cases will be from known industries and companies, such as Schiphol, airlines, insurance, logistics, but also from new startups with impactful propositions. The presentation will give a business view on what’s happening right now, and a forecast of what is likely to happen in the near future. It will filter the nonsense from blockchain talk and put it into the reality of existing business models: what are the opportunities and what are the threats for the ecommerce and retail industry.

I will also explain a practical approach of dealing with blockchain solutions, and how to get started as a retail company.

Key take away is to energize people to keep focused on blockchain developments and spark a start with first concrete steps.

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June 1, 2018
4:23 pm
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