Meet our experts:

Charles Heal

Passionate about helping clients build and grow their omnichannel businesses, Charles has 12+ years experience in the...

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Frank Rengenhart

Frank is na een internationale topsportcarrière direct in de wereld van e-commerce gerold. Hij heeft een eigen Magento...

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Jeremy Smids

Jeremy Smids, inmiddels 3 jaar werkzaam bij MultiSafepay als Partner Manager en payment specialist. Enthousiast over...

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Mark Lenhard

Mark Lenhard joined Magento from JPMorgan Chase, where he was a Managing Director, leading digital and payments...

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Dwayne Ernest

Dwayne is the VP of Sales & Strategic Partnerships at MageMail. He Is currently utilizing his extensive sales...

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Kees Beckeringh

Mijn passie is online marketing en ik heb mij gespecialiseerd in SEO. Ik werk nu 7 jaar als consultant en geef advies...

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Freek Gruntjes

Was sneaking out of bed at night to start programming on our family computer at the age of 14 and never stopped. Started...

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Riccardo Tempesta

Born in 1979, he grew up on bread and computer science (his PC was a gift at the age of 6). Over time he became a...

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Carmen Bremen

Carmen Bremen works in a free-lance way as a Magento developer. She first learned about Magento in 2010 and has, since...

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Andrew Levine

Andrew Levine lives in Austin, TX, and is a Front End Architect at Magento working on the PWA Studio project. When he’s...

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Jamie Maria Schouren

Jamie Maria is addicted to e-commerce, in love with code and her mind bound to business. Driven by the urge for...

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Vincent Romviel

Jurist at Thuiswinkel.org

Vincent Romviel is jurist en inmiddels drie jaar werkzaam bij Thuiswinkel.org. Hij houdt zich bezig met alle juridische...

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Ray Bogman

Business Solutions Architect at Magento

Ray is an IT professional and Magento evangelist from the Netherlands. He started working with computers in 1993 as a...

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Damien Poelhekke

Head of Benelux at MADE.COM

Damien Poelhekke is verantwoordelijk voor de uitrol van de Britse online meubelverkoper Made.com in Nederland. Made.com...

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Arjan van Oosterhout

Hoofdredacteur at Twinkle magazine

Arjan van Oosterhout is hoofdredacteur van Twinkle en de Twinkle100, uitgaven van BBP Media in Woerden. Na zijn...

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Muliadi Jeo

CTO at ICUBE inc.

Muliadi is the founder and the chief technology officer for ICUBE inc, one of the leading Magento Solution Partner in...

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Roy Scheerder

Managing partner at Fæbric

Roy Scheerder has worked in the aviation industry for nearly two decades with a continuous focus on digital in a...

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TJ Gamble

CEO at Jamersan

TJ is a Top 50 Magento Contributor, eCommerce Thought Provider, CEO of Jamersan, Certified+ Magento Developer and host...

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Rebecca Brocton

Lead eCommerce Solution Specialist at JH

Rebecca is a Lead eCommerce Solution Specialist at JH, based in the UK, who is extremely passionate about online retail...

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Brent Peterson

Magento Evangelist at Wagento Creative LLC

Brent is the Chief Magento Evangelist and Agency Coach at Wagento. He is a Certified Magento Specialist and a Magento...

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Danielle Mundle

Independent UX Research Consultant

Danielle Mundle has over 8 years of experience providing user research and design impact for over 200 projects with...

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Chris Out

Lead Growth Hacker at Rockboost

Chris Out is the Managing Partner and lead Growth Hacker at RockBoost – The Dutch Growth Hacking Agency. His passion is...

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Shane Osbourne

Frontend developer at JH

Shane is the lead front-end developer at JH, creator of Browsersync and some of the fastest Magento sites on the planet....

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Andreas von Studnitz

Magento Developer and Co-Founder at integer_net

Andreas has been a Magento developer since 2008, also being among the first Magento Certified Developers (2011) and...

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Margarita Nikolenko

Front-end developer at Amasty

In 2017 graduated from the Belarusian State University, faculty of Radiophysics and Computer Technologies, specialty...

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Stephan Hochdörfer

Software developer at bitExpert AG

Stephan Hochdörfer currently holds the position of Head of Technology at bitExpert AG, a company specializing in...

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Joke Puts

PHP Consultant @ PHPro

Joke is a developer from Belgium. She works as a PHP consultant for PHPro. She started developing in Magento in 2013...

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