Rudger de Groot

Founder Mintminds / Digital Optimizer


With his company Mintminds Digital Optimizers, Rudger brings over 10 years of experience in data-driven growth to the table. Rudger assists a wide range of companies across Europe with CRO strategies and testing activities. No matter the tool or analytics platform, CRO and A/B testing can only succeed if the right process is in place, the proper test setup is determined, and all relevant test data goes into an analytics platform or DMP. Only when these prerequisites are met, we can genuinely use creativity, psychological theories and new business ideas to deliver valuable insights that help improve your customer’s experience. And in doing so, ensure the future of your business.

Rudger is the former Head of CRO at Conrad Electronic International, the largest European omnichannel retailer with over 700.000 electronic products. Here, he was responsible for the setup of an international testing strategy and designing the process of high frequent a/b testing, combined with extensive user research. In 2014 Rudger was invited to join the expert group Revenu Optimization within the Dutch research platform Shopping Tomorrow. Their goal is to inform retailers through white papers on topics such as CRO, A/B testing, Testing processes, Tooling, Customer journey mapping and Personalisation.

Rudger de Groot

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