Guido Jansen

Guido Jansen


Guido founded Opens external link in new windowDutchento in 2008 and Meet Magento The Netherlands in 2009. He works as Chief Psychology Officer at Opens external link in new windowEuroflorist where he heads the Optimisation/UX team that is optimising the customer journey with a strong focus on online.

He works as VP Western Europe at the Opens external link in new windowMeet Magento Association and can be found regularly on stage around the world talking about Magento, E-commerce and Psychology.

City: Amsterdam
Country: Netherlands


Since 2016 Magento has the "Magento Master" program in which Magento gives official recognition to specific community members for their community work. Become one is not something that should be taken lightly, so we asked 5 Magento Masters to come on stage and tell us the secret of their succes!

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