Marello is an ERP solution that delivers what it promises: meeting retail needs and boosting business. Designed for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers alike, Marello will give you a better grip on your business processes.

Many manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers go through a daily struggle with their back-office processes. They face many obstacles as existing solutions often turn out to be less flexible and less future-proof than expected. Their existing software simply cannot keep up with new dynamics found in today’s commerce world.

To solve this problem, an ERP was built with features specifically designed to meet these new commerce needs. Ideal for mid to large-size companies, Marello is optimized for omnichannel operations. Its flexibility and scalability are unprecedented.The solution can grow with the business and easily adapt to new demands that may arise.

The software includes functionalities for Order Management, Inventory Management, Returns & Refunds, Omni-Channel Operations and much more.

Marello is fully compatible with Magento and will drive your revenue growth.

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